#include<cs> is a podcast about computer science and technology with an extra dose of fun. It uses non-technical language to explain computer science history, issues, and news.

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Originally created by Janelle Marie Salanga and Joël Porquet-Lupine @ UC Davis.

Most recent news or podcast episodes

  • S2E1 - Impact of early CS education

    Research shows that early CS education may help CS students perform better in college. In this episode, we explore this question via interviews with college students and college professors.

  • Rebooting #include<cs>

    After a couple years on standby due to the pandemic, we are finally rebooting #include<cs>! First, here is a new website, more low-key and hands-on than our old Wordpress instance. And most of all, the new team is working on new episodes which we are hoping to release by the...

  • S1E4 - Stories from the bunker!

    The 2020 COVID lockdown has fundamentally changed people’s lives. In this episode, we talk with students, faculty, and many other people about their experiences so far.

  • S1E3 - How secure is election technology?

    As the next presidential election is coming ahead, we talk with UC Davis Professor Matthew Bishop about election technology and its security.

  • S1E2 - Will AI be your best friend tomorrow?

    We try to explore the question of whether artificial intelligence will love us or kill us first, during an interview with UC Davis Professor Zhou Yu.